“Don’t Make Me Angry – You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry.”

Remember what Incredible Hulk says? “Don’t Make Me Angry – You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry.”

That show, as he starts feeling the anger, he becomes aware of it. Being aware of your anger is great quality. Once you are aware of your anger, there is a great opportunity to direct that anger in a better direction. The very first thing Hulk does is that he make others aware of his anger. Which is what one must immediately do. We usually don’t do this because we don’t like to expose our vulnerable side (weakness).

By Making others aware of our anger we also give others a chance to help us deal with the situation. The problem is, instead of expressing our anger feelings in words, we suppress it till the point of threshold. Finally there is outburst of Anger that usually flames everyone around you, starting with you. Ironically this kind of gives you fake feeling of strength. It’s the same way we perceive Hulk in his incredible form ripping off everything that comes in his way. But is he really powerful? For that moment people may be afraid of him and avoid him. But what about when flames go off? What about the long-term effects? He will only be surrounded by ashes and dust.

So why not just say “Don’t Make Me Angry – You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry.” This gives us and people around us an opportunity to make amends in time. In fact, why wait till we are driven till the anger point? Anger is fairly late in its journey. We should make sure that they express their opinion time to time when it’s appropriate. Not necessarily insist on our opinions but just make them heard. If not done this will mutate to become discomforts of our lives. If you have not taken care of our discomforts on time, it will start coming out of us in the form of dislikes and complains. If we have not taken responsibilities of our dislikes, then the monster will finally grow up to become anger. So if we can watch ourselves, we would realise, god does gives us enough opportunity to prevent our anger in time.

Meditation is a great tool to increase our awareness. And if you still cannot the at least say “Don’t Make Me Angry – You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry.”

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