Your name is your brand – Art of being Trustworthy

What’s common in these names? Amazon, Google, Walt Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg, Sony, FedEx, Honda. They all are trustworthy brands. You feel assured of quality and safety. Once these names are associated with something you don’t look for anything else for assurance, don’t you? What about us? We as a person, when someone hears our name, what connotation do the people get? Wouldn’t it be great if everyone can trust us with same trustworthiness? How can we as a person become Trustworthy?

Here are 3 skills to get your name to be the trustworthy brand. After all your name is your brand.

1. Integrity – Always follow what you say. Keep your promises. This is easier said than done. We all come across a situation when we are not able to keep our promises. There could be valid reasons as we have so many areas of our life to manage. This is where it is so very important to have good communication. When you are not able to keep your promise, inform the affected party in advance. However sometimes only informing them in advance may not be good enough. This is when one need to show up and take the full responsibility. Take the responsibility for the damages done. Make sure, throughout the way we show humility. This way we will maintain our integrity.

What about our mistakes in the past? That does have some implications on our brand name. This is where it is so important to ask for forgiveness. Also offer them to make up for the damages we have done to them. It is possible that people may not forgive us so easily. This is where we become proactive and forgive people who have done wrong to us. If we want to receive forgiveness, then first we should forgive others.

2. Authenticity – Communication is the key. The quality of our relationship is dependent on the quality of our communications. To be trustworthy this communication has to be authentic. We need not always say what people like or what they want to hear. It is important to say what we feel and what we truly want. One most important thing about authenticity is our actions. As they say, actions speak louder than words, our actions must be in alignment with our intentions.

We need to make sure our opinions are heard and may or may not be considered. We need not insist on our opinions, and allow everyone to have their opinions and decision.

It’s important to be in constant communication as that gives us visibility. At the same time what gets communicated is fully our responsibility. We are responsible for what people understand out of our communication.

3. Gratitude – It’s our privilege to live in this safest world in the history of the mankind. Even then it’s easy to get into the entitlement thinking where we think that everything we have is our right. What separates Privilege from Entitlement is Gratitude. With gratitude and humility, we respect everything around us. The person who respects everyone is the one who is respected most. Respect brings trust.

There you go. Three skills to make your name a trustworthy brand. Practice them in your life and see the miracles happening.

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