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I don't trust words.
I trust actions.

Apply a systematic way to transform your life.
Coaching sets you on an action plan for a fulfilled life that continuously grows.

Dream – Plan – Action!

Action always beat intentions.

Breathwork to Success uses the power of your Conscious Connected Breath to break through your beliefs. Lead a life of continuous healing growth and in all the dimensions of your life.

Breathe your way into growth.

Anything is possible,
when I take action.

Raise a responsible and passionate child with love, bonding, and trust.
Inspired parenting helps to build a 21st-century family culture in your home.

Be the best friend of your child.

Man's deepest values
are reflected in his actions.

I’ve learned to play the game of life by exploring, and I’m still learning. Helping people to transform their lives through their actions.

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  • 3 steps towards ultimate peace during chaos

    Engage: Peace is not about avoiding the noise. Avoiding peace will only give you temporary relief and it will create more unrest within us. Opposite of avoidance is engagement. Engage and go through the noise. This needs courage. "Dar ke aage jeet hai".Allow: Peace is also not about suppressing the...
  • 5 ways to develop silence

    In my seminars most of the times we eventually come to a point where we realise the importance of operating from “Silence”. When we are silent inside, we are able to behave according to our true intentions. Silence helps us to make best of our decisions that help us in...
  • Why are rich children allowed to work and earn money?

    Why rich children are allowed to work and earn money in the media industry and poor and needy children are stopped from working in the name of child labor?I got clarity on this subject when I was listening to audiobook "Playful Parenting". It gave me clarity on ‘What is Child...

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